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Podcast 246: Product Announcements, Upcoming Bannings and Mythic Championship V
mtggoldfish - 14 Oct 2019

General MTGGoldfish

The crew breaks down a week's worth of Magic news and makes some predictions for this weekend's Mythic Championship V.

Dot Esports

Dot Esports ·

Weekly MTG teases mysterious surprises in today’s stream
Danny Forster - 10 Oct 2019

General Dot Esports

Gavin Verhey teased a big announcement.

Field of the Dead

Field of the Dead · Kev Walker

Against the Odds: Seven Dwarves
SaffronOlive - 10 Oct 2019

Standard MTGGoldfish

What are the odds of winning with all Seven Dwarves (or maybe even more!) in Standard? Let's find out!


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Instant Deck Tech: Fervent Sunforger Combo
SaffronOlive - 10 Oct 2019

Modern MTGGoldfish

Sunforger is a Commander staple. Can Fervent Champion turn it into a game-ending combo piece in Modern? At least on Fishbowl Thursday it can!

Walking Ballista

Walking Ballista · Daniel Ljunggren

How Brimstone Trebuchet Inspired a Commander Deck
Jason Alt - 10 Oct 2019

Commander CoolStuffInc

Jason finds some unlikely inspiration for a Commander deck in the innocuous Brimstone Trebuchet!

Aether Gust

Aether Gust · Tomasz Jedruszek

Brand New Brews for Throne of Eldraine
Mike Likes - 10 Oct 2019

Standard CoolStuffInc

Mike is back with his favorite new lists for Standard!

Captain Lannery Storm

Captain Lannery Storm · Chris Rallis

New Player Commander Decks - Plunder and Steel
Abe Sargent - 10 Oct 2019

Commander CoolStuffInc

Abe embraces the pirate life to talk about the Mono-Red New Player Commander Deck and how he would upgrade it!

Arcum's Astrolabe

Arcum's Astrolabe · Igor Kieryluk

Oko, Thief of Crowns in Modern
Jacob Nagro - 9 Oct 2019

Modern Hareruya

Oko, Thief of Crowns in Modern

Field of the Dead

Field of the Dead · Kev Walker

Single Scoop: Mardu Enchantments
TheAsianAvenger - 9 Oct 2019

Standard MTGGoldfish

This week TheAsianAvenger plays an enchanting deck that revolves around all the sweetest enchantments!

Carrion Feeder

Carrion Feeder · Svetlin Velinov

Budget Commander: K'rrik, Son of Yawgmoth | $50, $100, $200
Tomer Abramovici - 9 Oct 2019

Commander MTGGoldfish

Do you like filthy, degenerate combos? Of course you do.

Dubious Challenge

Dubious Challenge · Scott Murphy

Instant Deck Tech: Dubious Challenge
SaffronOlive - 9 Oct 2019

Modern MTGGoldfish

Traditionally building around Dubious Challenge has lived up to its name. Can the addition of Charming Prince make the wacky sorcery into a came wining play?

Field of the Dead

Field of the Dead · Kev Walker

Win Eldraine boosters in the MTG Arena Metagame Challenge this weekend
Danny Forster - 9 Oct 2019

Arena Dot Esports

Brew the best and earn free booster packs.


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Instant Deck Tech: Golos Fires
SaffronOlive - 8 Oct 2019

Standard MTGGoldfish

So far Fires of Invention and Golos, Tireless Pilgrim have been two of the most important cards in Throne of Eldraine Standard. What happen if we run them both together in the same deck? Let's find out!

Kor Skyfisher

Kor Skyfisher · Dan Scott

Going Infinite, October 7th
John Moyer - 8 Oct 2019

General MTGGoldfish

How did week one of our little project pan out?

Arclight Phoenix

Arclight Phoenix · Slawomir Maniak

Budget Magic: $27 Mono-Blue Mill
SaffronOlive - 8 Oct 2019

Standard MTGGoldfish

Can mill work in Throne of Eldraine Standard on an absurdly cheap $27 budget? Let's play some matches and find out!

Mana Drain

Mana Drain · Raymond Swanland

Deck Tech and Gameplay: Golgari Knights
AliasV - 8 Oct 2019

General TCGPlayer

Knights, going on Adventures. It's not just a flavor win - it's also the recipe for a versatile, competitive deck that AliasV would nominate as the best deck in Standard.

Ghostly Prison

Ghostly Prison · Wayne England

$50* Budget Commander Deck Tech: Kenrith, the Returned King
The Commanders Quarters - 8 Oct 2019

Commander TCGPlayer

In multiplayer Commander, your opponents are a resource. The Commander's Quarters shows how to make the most of that resource with this five-color politics deck.


TCGPlayer ·

Beginner's Guide to Writing Magic Content - Part 1
Emma Partlow - 8 Oct 2019

General TCGPlayer

Are you interested in Magic content creation? Emma's here with the first in a series of articles on how to start writing about Magic.


TCGPlayer ·

Duels, Decks and Discourse - Throne of Eldraine First Impressions
TCGplayer Guildmages - 7 Oct 2019

General TCGPlayer

It's episode 22! AliasV and Amazonian dissect the new meta and pit Golgari Garruk against Simic Oko.

Proven Combatant

Proven Combatant · Clint Cearley

Charming Prince
Proven Combatants Podcast - 7 Oct 2019

General TCGPlayer

The Charming Nick Prince joins Chantelle and Zyla to talk Throne of Eldraine, Grand Prix Coverage and the importance of representation.