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A Vintage Brewer's Diary: 2020 in Review, Part 1

2020 is finally behind us. As paper play was suspended, many Magic players found their way to Magic Online and Arena. Some of us Vintage boomers, however, still c...

26 Jan 2021 Vintage TDD Cardmarket
Podcast 313: Can Kaldheim Beat Eldraine?

The crew discusses new promos, the possibility of a subscription model coming to Magic Online, wraps up Kaldheim and answers #MTGFishmail.

25 Jan 2021 General mtggoldfish MTGGoldfish
Kaldheim Preview Highlight: Burning-Rune Demon

Reid Duke’s burning to play with Burning-Rune Demon from Kaldheim, analyzing the best ways to make use of its restrictive tutor ability.

25 Jan 2021 Standard Reid Duke ChannelFireball
Lords of Limited: Kaldheim Crash Course – Episode 187

This week on Lords of Limited, Ben and Ethan give a Crash Course-style rundown of Kaldheim Limited for your first drafts of the format!

25 Jan 2021 Limited Lords Of Limited ChannelFireball
Kaldheim Combos with Frank Karsten

Frank Karsten joins us to give you his top tips for Kaldheim card combos!

25 Jan 2021 General Frank Karsten ChannelFireball
Kaldheim Limited Set Review: Black

LSV’s Kaldheim Limited Set review continues, this time looking at black, full of versatile removal and able to play aggro or control.

25 Jan 2021 Limited Luis Scott-Vargas Paywall ChannelFireball
Historic Power Rankings – 1/25/2021

Martin Juza’s updated Historic Power Rankings, right before the release of Kaldheim shakes up the format and potentially adds some new decks,

25 Jan 2021 Historic Martin Juza ChannelFireball
12 Infinite or Game-Winning Kaldheim Combos

Frank’s concocted some crazy Kaldheim combos for almost every format (even one for Limited)! Ready to cast Emrakul on turn three?

25 Jan 2021 Limited Frank Karsten Paywall ChannelFireball
Rosewater: White’s Slice Of Color Pie Growing

Magic head designer weighs in on his blog to defend white’s expansion in the color pie.

25 Jan 2021 General Nick Miller Star City Games
Kaldheim Standard Brews: Rakdos Sacrifice

Standard Rakdos Sacrifice has always been on the fringe, but with Kaldheim, Martin Juza thinks it has game against anything!

25 Jan 2021 Standard Martin Juza Paywall ChannelFireball
Fish Five-0: Abzan Sky Noodle

Kaldheim is shaping up to have a ton of sweet enchantments with tons of value for our favorite Sky Noodle

25 Jan 2021 Standard TheAsianAvenger MTGGoldfish
Commander Kingdom Decklists: January 2021

2021 is here, and Commander Kingdom is still going strong! We’re excited to bring you more Commander gameplay streams with your favorite Magic creators in the new year. To ki...

25 Jan 2021 Commander Card Kingdom Card Kingdom
MTG Fast Finance: Episode 254

Get the latest news and advice from the MTG Finance world with James and Travis!

25 Jan 2021 General MTG Fast Finance CoolStuffInc
Jumbo Commander: Kaldheim Commander Deck Reviews

How do the new Kaldheim Commander Precons stack up?

25 Jan 2021 Commander Jumbo Commander CoolStuffInc
Experimenting with Archelos, Lagoon Mystic in Commander

Stephen takes on the challenge of building around the unique Archelos, Lagoon Mystic!

25 Jan 2021 Commander Stephen Johnson CoolStuffInc
The Most Broken Deck In Magic

Jim takes a trek into Vintage with what might be the most busted deck in Magic!

25 Jan 2021 Magic Online Jim Davis CoolStuffInc
Kaldheim Financial Review, Part 3

Ben Bleiweiss completes his Kaldheim Financial Review. What foil commons are worth a premium, and which cards make his Top 10 of potential risers?

25 Jan 2021 General Ben Bleiweiss Paywall Star City Games
The Five Kaldheim Cards You’ve Surely Overlooked

Kaldheim is a deep set with many Standard-playable cards not receiving hype. Ari Lax highlights five sleeper picks and potential decks using them.

25 Jan 2021 General Ari Lax Paywall Star City Games
Bad And Birgi: Rebuilding Mono-Red Aggro For Kaldheim Standard

Birgi, God of Storytelling has Todd Anderson rethinking red in Kaldheim Standard. Could he even be convinced to move away from Embercleave?

25 Jan 2021 Standard Todd Anderson Paywall Star City Games
Introducing Some Of The Many Ways To Play With Blood On The Snow In Kaldheim Standard

Blood on the Snow is an expensive yet powerful sweeper. Michael Majors showcases the varied ways to exploit its power.

25 Jan 2021 Standard Michael Majors Paywall Star City Games
Save 15% On All Heavily Played (HP) Condition MTG Singles!

Come take advantage of the deals while they last!

25 Jan 2021 General Pete Hoefling Star City Games
Poised to Poison with Fynn, the Fangbearer

Fynn to get Historic with our new poison engine.

25 Jan 2021 Historic Rob Bockman Hipsters of the Coast
Kaldheim Set Review – Blue

The Kaldheim set reviews move to the frostiest color: blue!

25 Jan 2021 Commander Mason Brantley EDHRec
Kaldheim Set Review – White

Kaldheim set reviews begin!

25 Jan 2021 Commander Jason Alt EDHRec
Weekly Update : Kaldheim Commander Decklists

This week in MTG news: Kaldheim Commander Decklists.

25 Jan 2021 Commander mtggoldfish MTGGoldfish
A Layperson's Guide to the Gods

They're hungry for devotion on Theros, ask feats of the mortals on Amonkhet, and have literally two faces on Kaldheim. Magic's Gods are a colorful bunch—and not just figuratively, ...

25 Jan 2021 General Kumagoro Cardmarket
The 5 best Zombie cards in MTG Kaldheim

Empower your Zombie tribal deck with these upcoming cards.

24 Jan 2021 General Cristian Lupasco Dot Esports
The 5 best Dinosaur cards in Magic: The Gathering

These creatures often have beefy stats and Trample.

24 Jan 2021 General Cristian Lupasco Dot Esports
Kaldheim Preview Highlight: Icebreaker Kraken

Reid Duke’s ready to krak open some control decks in Standard with Kaldheim’s newest sea monster, Icebreaker Kraken.

24 Jan 2021 Standard Reid Duke ChannelFireball
Kaldheim Standard Brews: Five Color Yorion

LSV’s gone off the deep end with Standard Kaldheim brews, this time whipping up a Five Color Yorion deck powered by Binding the Old Gods!

24 Jan 2021 Standard Luis Scott-Vargas Paywall ChannelFireball
Meme or Dream? The Most Ambitious Dirge Bat Ever

Half Mutate. Half Landfall. Half a sideboard. Dirge Bat with four lands that make black mana. It must be Meme or Dream? time!

24 Jan 2021 Standard SaffronOlive MTGGoldfish
Kaldheim Commander Set Review: Part 1

Sheldon Menery thinks Kaldheim is one of the best sets ever printed for Commander. In Part 1, he reviews single-color cards, artifacts, and lands.

24 Jan 2021 Commander Sheldon Menery Paywall Star City Games
The 10 best MTG Red Limited Common and Uncommon Kaldheim cards

Gain advantage via Boast, Snow, and Foretell.

23 Jan 2021 Limited Danny Forster Dot Esports
News Round Up: Week of January 16

Kaldheim is here! This past week was all about Magic’s impending trip to the frozen north.

23 Jan 2021 Arena Alex Ullman ChannelFireball
The Jank Tank – Angels and Adaptations Historic Double Feature

Amy the Amazonian is back for more Jank Tank and this week she’s playing a historic double feature.

23 Jan 2021 Historic Amy Amazonian ChannelFireball
Kaldheim Limited Set Review: Blue

LSV’s set reviews of Kaldheim Limited continue, this time analyzing and breaking down blue. Giants and changelings, what more could you want?

23 Jan 2021 Limited Luis Scott-Vargas Paywall ChannelFireball
Five Minute Commander Deck Tech – Jeleva Steals Your Stuff

Riley Knight is back for your weekly Commander Deck Tech and this week he’s taking a look at Jeleva Steals Your Stuff.

23 Jan 2021 Commander Riley Knight ChannelFireball
Kaldheim Standard Brews: Rakdos Berserkers

Huey’s seeing red in Standard with Kaldheim, brewing up an aggressive Rakdos Berserkers deck capitalizing on The Bloodsky Massacre!

23 Jan 2021 Standard William "Huey" Jensen Paywall ChannelFireball
Updating Force of Will Heuristics for the Modern Age

Rich Cali’s reevaluating Legacy heuristics again, this time with Force of Will. With threats as strong as they are, are you Forcing right?

23 Jan 2021 Legacy Rich Cali ChannelFireball
Bant Ephemerate – Modern | Gabriel Nassif

Gabriel Nassif is back for more Modern and this week he’s playing Bant Ephemerate! Join him as he plays on MTG Magic Online.

23 Jan 2021 Modern Gabriel Nassif ChannelFireball
The Fish Tank: Kaldheim Edition

What sweet Kaldheim-influenced decks did viewers submit this week? Let's find out!

23 Jan 2021 General SaffronOlive MTGGoldfish
Commander Top 10: Toski, Bearer of Secrets

How could Bennie Smith resist a legendary card-drawing Squirrel? Check out his latest Commander deck starring Toski, Bearer of Secrets.

23 Jan 2021 Commander Bennie Smith Paywall Star City Games