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Alchemy Spoilers — December 3 | White

General mtggoldfish Paywall

New Magic Arena exclusive White cards!

Who Needs Ragavan or Murktide Regent? – Modern Blue Moon

Modern Luis Scott-Vargas Paywall

Ragavan and Murktide Regent are overrated – just ditch the Monkey and the Dragon for some classic UR Control with Modern Blue Moon!

Top 5 Seven-Mana 7/7s – Riley Ranks

General Riley Knight Paywall

Riley’s continuing his countdown of the best creatures for each mana value in Magic, this time tackling the beefers with seven-mana 7/7s!

Much Abrew: Bant Snake Tribal

Modern SaffronOlive Paywall

Can the Snake tribe actually compete in Modern? Let's find out!

Innistrad: Crimson Vow II | Olivia vs. Torens vs. Runo vs. Halana & Alena | Commander Clash S11E16

Commander SaffronOlive Paywall

Innistrad: Crimson Vow has so many sweet legends that we couldn't resist featuring the set for a second week!

Amulet Titan Makes A Comeback in Modern

Modern Michael Rapp Paywall

At several points in Modern’s history, Amulet Titan has been the best deck in the format. It was once so dominant that Summer Bloom had to be banned to bring the deck back to a realistic power level. Over the years, Amulet Titan has taken on a variety of shapes: combo-heavy builds with Summer Bloom and Hive Mind, slower and …

A Tough Acorn to Crack

Commander Corbin Hosler Paywall

The new Unfinity set looks to shake things up a little more than it's predecessors, and Corbin breaks down how!

What's the Deal with Alchemy?

Arena Paige Smith Paywall

A bombshell announcement for a new Digital-Only format leaves Paige with a lot of questions!

Ali Plays Historic Glory for Lorehold

Arena Ali Aintrazi Paywall

Can an old Historic archetype find new success without one of its staple pieces? Ali puts it to the test!

Three Key Common Roleplayers You Should Be Taking In Crimson Vow Draft

Limited Jim Davis Paywall

Bomb Rares and clutch uncommons are nice, but Jim thinks you should be paying more attention to your commons in Crimson Vow draft!

To Unfinity and Beyond!

General Magic Mics Paywall

Join Evan, Reuben, and MTGNerdGirl as they discuss all the latest Magic news!

Top Ten #3 from Crimson Vow

Commander Abe Sargent Paywall

Abe continues his Top Ten countdowns through Crimson Vow, today highlighting some of the best with a big Zombie at the top of the list!

Why Amulet Titan Is Reclaiming Its Throne In Modern

Modern Dom Harvey Paywall

Amulet Titan is a mainstay of Modern MTG, but what’s the best way to build it? Dom Harvey delves into the deck’s latest challenges and the Cultivator Colossus debate.

The Top 8 Rogue Decks For Innistrad: Crimson Vow Standard

Standard Gerry Thompson Paywall

Is there any hope for Innistrad: Crimson Vow Standard beyond Izzet Epiphany and one-color aggro? GerryT shares his Top 8 rogue MTG decks going into the Innistrad Championship.

Modern Deck Guide: Sultai Infect

Modern Guest Author Paywall

Jeff Jao piloted Sultai Infect to the Top 4 of the Modern main event in Las Vegas; he shares his insights about the deck and sideboarding.

Evan Flynn

Legacy Pat Euglow Paywall

This week Jerry and Pat invite Evan Flynn on to talk about his recent Top 8 with 8 Cast at EW!

Too-Specific Top 10 – Gravedigger

Commander DougY Paywall

Need to get those creatures back? These Gravedigger effects have you covered.

Every MTG Arena nerf and buff with launch of Alchemy

Arena Danny Forster Paywall

Big changes will open up the Standard meta within the Alchemy format.

Every MTG Arena Alchemy spoiler revealed during today’s stream

Arena Danny Forster Paywall

Ten of the 63 new MTG Arena digital-only cards were revealed.

MTG reveals Alchemy, a new digital-only Standard format

Standard Danny Forster Paywall

Play Standard in a new way via MTG Arena.

What is the Alchemy format in MTG Arena?

Arena Danny Forster Paywall

Explore a format within Magic that isn't tied to tabletop formats.